Friday, August 14, 2009

nget sai...
i lost all my things in my memory card again..

the time buy phone!
haiz.. my phone fall again.
and broken again..
actually have to prepair again, but very expensive..
bo lui larh!
then i decided tell my mum the truth..
and from now on started to pray for buying phone~
I know God will heard my prayer~ I know! keep waiting~

it was fortunate! my parents gave me buy a new phone^^
so happy..
and also I know, it God works..
Immediately, i thanksgiving for my dear God and the only God sons- Jeses..
thanks my God..

this Sunday will go KK plaza - Kennedy's friends shop~
Sony Ericson W705~ im coming^^ heheh

Dear Lord, thank you for a new day, thank you for giving us wisdom.
help us to obey your words,helps us in our study and those working.
protect us all the time and gives us safe jorney~
in Jesus name I pray, Amen!

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